November exhibitions

The crisp warm light of the summer is fading now and the rich autumn colours have been magnificent, so I have of course, been there with my camera and sketchbook. I find I have collected lots more leaves that have filled a drawer in my studio and crept into some of my drawings and paintings.


I was deliberating over some time whether to begin a Facebook page and Instagram, as it takes quite a bit of time just to keep my website and blog going, but actually the social media has been really great for me. My phone is always with me, and naturally I take photos as my work progresses, so you can now get daily pictures of my studio work on Instagram @georginabouzyk and Facebook


Word is now getting round that I do take commissions! I am now working on my second commission in time to be completed and framed before Christmas – so far my commissions are as gifts. I remember my 18th birthday present was a commissioned portrait of my pet rabbit, and I’ve adored it ever since. This little spaniel was a joy to paint, I find I observe dogs characters and expressions more than I think with four dogs around me in the house! So if you have someone in mind that would like a special Christmas present then don’t hesitate to contact me…

My research has paid off and I am now using an excellent framers in Cirencester to have my commissions and also works on paper framed. The dog commission (above) was framed very beautifully, and brings out the depth and layering of the oil paint.


As requested, I have focussed more of my time on local scenes and countryside I spend a lot of my time walking. The first weekend of December will be my first Open Studios as part of Stroud Valleys Artspace Christmas open studios, so I am producing a wide variety of work, and bringing out some paintings from the past few years to exhibit. My studio is located at the end of the garden at Treetops, Oakridge Lynch, which is accessible by the bridleway near the village hall. Come and visit for a little inspiration, a chat and see what I’m up to! December 3rd and 4th, 10am-4pm.




I recently refreshed my canvas making skills at a Pegasus art workshop and made a very beautiful hand stretched canvas, and I was astounded by the quality! For a while I was keen to work on paper for the way the thin layers of paint acted on such a smooth support, but I’m enjoying a change and working on canvas. I was informed of the wide variety of canvas material options throughout the shop, there was so much variety available. Very lucky to have such a great art shop at my doorstep! So now I am ordering canvas making equipment that will allow me to make my own canvasses from scratch. I personally like to create art from the very scratch as it has a new level of uniqueness.


Above is my snowdrops from earlier this year, which I entered to be part of a group exhibition titled ‘Between the Light and the Dark’ at the Old Passage in Arlingham. I was delighted to have my work accepted and hopefully will get to meet some more artists at the exhibition. I received all four paintings back from the framers on Friday, and they are due to be hung this week and will be displayed for a few months. All work will be for sale, and I am particularly fond of the snowdrops as they captured the intense wintry light that falls upon the delicate petals, which was my interpretation for ‘between the light and the dark.’