Pintar Rapido London

This weekend I went on an adventure to London to join in with the Pintar Rapido painting competition and exhibition. We had all day of Saturday to venture out into the beautiful area of Chelsea to produce a painting! I made the use of google street view beforehand to save time wandering around with heavy art materials, to choose my spot to paint, which was a good way to get my eye into my subject matter. I found Wellington square, which had elegant Georgian architecture and a central garden with a fountain. It felt important for me to squeeze in some green to represent London, as its such a green city (and a little nod to my love of landscape painting!)

It was a great day for me to focus on my subject, with the time pressure, the thought of a competition and an exhibition following was enough for me! It was so encouraging to hear positive comments on my work throughout the day. Unfortunately the heavens opened by late afternoon so my painting assistant was there with the umbrella for the final touches!

After an exhausting day of painting it was exciting to have the exhibition to look forward to! The works were judged by Adebanji Alade and the editors of Artists and Illustrators magazine, with prizes for both the amateur and professional artists. The winners works were absolutely superb and inspiring, and I felt thrilled to have been part of such a great event! Alade encouraged the importance of sketching and painting from life, particularly as he himself is an artist who has won the Pintar prize before and his work is inspired from life. At the beginning of the prize giving, he said that all the artists exhibiting must continue drawing, painting and ‘keeping that paintbrush wet,’ because art must be practised and exercised. I certainly agree with him, if I spend too much time away from my brushes or pencils, I quickly feel frustrated or out of practice!

I’m delighted to have sold my painting of Wellington square during the exhibition, it has given me great encouragement and I’m thrilled that it will be enjoyed and loved in its new home! My Sunday afternoon was throughly uplifted and I strolled through the Victoria and Albert museum soaking up some of John Constable’s oil sketches of clouds and landscapes.

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