Arty Car Booty

Of course, last Sunday was the art car boot, so I welcome all my new followers to my blog! The weather was a little dull but I really enjoyed getting all my work shown together and it was worth it for this great photo. Hopefully this will be the first of many art events for me in the future. Keep you’re eyes on this space as all works will be available for purchase, and may be available through some online galleries too, lets hoping..!

This week I am focussing on my wild flowers, they have so much colour and variety, and so much depth in such a small area. This piece is requiring lots of layers to enhance the richness of layered colours. It’s full of purples, pinks, yellows and greens.

Walking through the fields everyday it’s clear to me how much the flowers change day to day. Each day there is a different mood, and today the rain left some beautiful dew drops on the ends of the grasses, into rather elegant droops. In this piece, I wanted a feeling of the buttercups to be floating, sometimes the ground has an elusive sense of depth. I am layering the colours, shapes and marks to bring the image out of my memory into reality. (I also have another, of the same size I am working on, with more rich, reddish tones of the wild sorrel). The abstract shapes of the flowers are really starting to come through here.

A page from my sketchbook -I like to closely observe the shape, colour and feeling before I go ahead with a painting.

2 thoughts on “Arty Car Booty

  1. I saw you at the book sale and really enjoyed your paintings. When I scrape a bit more money together, hopefully I can purchase one. Keep up the good work.


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