My day in the Studio

I haven’t uploaded any pictures of my studio here until now, so here’s a blog post about a day in my studio!

I find that to work on more than one painting pushes me to experiment and vary from canvas to canvas. Right now I am working on six, which is about my maximum, hopefully they’ll all be complete by the end of the week. Bambi our chihauha fell asleep wrapped in my overalls, so I had a little company for an hour. She’s slowly learning, I think, as yesterday she walked through my palette and got green paint on her paws!

(In case you didn’t spot her in the main picture)

I’ve zoomed in on this painting as its a bit more of an experiment. Recently, working on a number of paintings allows me to abstract and simplify my subject, relying on my memory a bit more. In this piece I am layering up the colours and shapes, as if you are looking directly into the grass. I find my eye goes in and out of the leaves and flowers, as there is so much visual information to absorb.

This is another work in progress, a similar feel but I am focussed on the layers of colours. How they interact is fascinating me, I’m really enjoying the composition and colour of the red sorrel leaves on the right hand side. In my extra time, I’m persevering with finding galleries to apply to, competitions, funding etc and a few of my older works are available to buy on

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